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Important News: Amputees

Mobility for a lower limb amputee is an important issue. Shortly after surgery is completed and as long as the person is medically stable, both physical and occupational therapists can begin giving the new amputee techniques that will help improve mobility.

When a person with a lower limb amputation is waiting for their prosthesis to be built, or if a prosthesis cannot be used due to technical reasons, or when a prosthesis is being adjusted, the Turning Leg Caddy® can assist in maintaining mobility.

RAMMTLC offers a 2” one-piece knee pad for the knee platform which provides a comfortable, stable area to rest the amputated limb while propelling with the good leg.

Amputees of the lower leg or foot have found the Turning Leg Caddy® useful when they cannot take the time to correctly attach their prosthesis. This can be particularly problematic when a patient needs to get to the bathroom at night. Patients using the Turning Leg Caddy® report sleeping sounder because they are more confident of successfully maintaining their independence.

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