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Common Questions

Does RAMMTLC have instructional videos?

Who is the TLC® best suited for?
The TLC® offers mobility and independence to people who cannot use a foot or ankle but want to remain active.  If you are going to have or have had foot or ankle surgery or injury, if you have a diabetic foot wound, or below-the-knee amputation and cannot use a prosthesis, the TLC® may be right for you!

Does one size fit all?
The TLC® comes in two sizes.  The 14" long to 6" wide knee platform is available in 2 post lengths:   
"Standard" for patients 4'11" to 5'10" and "Tall" for patients 5'8" to 6'6".

What is the weight limit for people who can use the TLC®?
The TLC® accommodates patients up to 350 lbs.  However, if you cannot put your knee and shin centered along the entire length of the knee platform, with your knee on the front pad, this will cause stress damage to the knee platform and post.  Our Bariatric TLC® will accommodate people up to 500lbs. and will be available in August, 2008!

Can the TLC® really go over any surface?
No.  The TLC® cannot go over surfaces such as sand or mulch, nor can you use it going up and down stairs but it can go over most any commonly encountered surface with ease and stability.  The 8" rubber wheels with two sealed bearings per wheel create a smooth ride.

Can the TLC® make sharp turns?
To increase stability, the TLC®’s turning radius is 120°.  However, using a back and forth motion, the TLC® can make just about any turn that you encounter – just like parallel parking a car.

Does my insurance cover the cost of renting or purchasing the TLC®?
Each insurance company determines what, if any, of the cost it will reimburse for durable medical equipment.  Medicare does provide reimbursement but the actual amount varies across the country.  We are working on getting improved insurance coverage and will try to assist in any way we can.  The best approach is to have your doctor provide a letter of medical necessity along with one perscription to support your need for the TLC®.

How do I find a dealer near me?
Use our zip code locator under the “Dealers” link tab to find a local dealer. You can search from 10–100 miles of your zip code.

I’ve searched the dealer link for a dealer in my area but cannot find a dealer within 100 miles.  What do I do?
Contact a customer support representative at (425) 775-7584 or via email at customerservice@rammtlc.com and give them your city and state.  We will contact durable medical equipment suppliers in your area.  If you have a favorite medical equipment supplier, give us their business name and phone number!

Should I rent a TLC® or is it better to purchase one?
Generally, rentals are better for short term necessity.  If you have a longer term healing process, it may be more cost effective to purchase a TLC®.  Consult your local dealer who can better advise you for your specific circumstances.

Can you change the TLC® to accommodate either a left or right foot injury?
Yes and no tools are required!  Simply unfasten the quick release pin, remove the knee platform and turn 180°.  Insert knee platform back into the insertion hole and replace quick release pin.  Switch the knee pads so that the larger pad is at the front of the platform.  The offset post on the knee platform allows right-to-left adjustment in seconds and no tools are required!

I have a durable medical equipment business.  How do I become a dealer?
Contact a Customer Service Representative at (425) 775-7584 or via email at customerservice@rammtlc.com and we will assist you in the process.

How long does the process take to become a dealer?
In most cases, you can become a dealer and have your first order shipped out the same day!  Call us for the details or click here to send us your information.