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karen B's Inspirational Story

I am an amputee who was confined to a wheelchair as I could not get a suitable prosthesis.  I had a very high below knee amputation and do not suit current below knee or above knee prosthetics and can no longer use crutches due to shoulder problems. I find this frustrating.  When my scooter arrived last December 27th, I was like a kid on Christmas morning unpacking that box.  Within a very short space of time I had “walked” from one end of my flat to the other!!  This is the first time I was able to do that for about 6 yrs.

I have since lost over 126lbs and can regularly use my scooter to go out to the mail box and back and manage approx 200 meters over the day on average.  I am so happy since this is more than I thought would be possible!  

The Physiotherapists, OT’s and the rehab Doctor were all skeptical at first.  When I first mentioned the scooter I was met with skepticism and doubt.  I was told that it did not seem to be a practical solution- now that it has been seen in action that has changed and they are quite prepared to keep the product details on hand to recommend to suitable clients. Maybe something has been achieved besides my own increased freedom.  Over time, watching my progress, they have all been very interested in the TLC and have asked for the details of your company.

I really thank you and the company for the support and the interest, all I can say is thank god for Google!