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Important Notice
Regarding Maintenance of Your Turning Leg Caddy®
The Turning Leg Caddy® is medical equipment, used by people with illness or injury. Many of its components are designed for quick adjustment and must be secured properly before use.
RAMMTLC, LLC offers Maintenance Instructions and a Quick Checklist for Maintenance of your Turning Leg Caddy®. We offer these simple instructions and detailed checklist as a guide to maintaining performance and prolonging the life of your Turning Leg Caddy®.
Failure to properly maintain your Turning Leg Caddy® can lead to accident or injury so please be sure to follow the recommended guidelines.
 To Our Valued Dealers
RAMMTLC, LLC is a leader in mobility device development. With our Turning Leg Caddy®, RAMMTLC, LLC took mobility management to a whole new level, using innovative design to give people who are healing from surgery or illness the freedom and mobility to maintain independence!
At RAMMTLC, we are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with creative mobility solutions. We listen to our dealers and the people who use our products to develop better products that are safe and easy to use. We pride ourselves on always striving to deliver world class customer service.
An essential part of your continued success with the Turning Leg Caddy® is your commitment to maintenance and upkeep of your units. We provide a maintenance booklet and general guidelines to prolong the income-generating potential of our products. You will find our maintenance notice, updated maintenance instructions and a maintenance check list helpful in prolonging the use of your Turning Leg Caddy®. 
However, only you can inspect each unit after each rental to assess the need for parts replacement. We strongly urge you to replace parts as needed, including the wheel axle bolts which may sustain hairline fractures during heavy rental use over time. Keep your clients safe and happy by performing a few simple routine tasks! Please call us for replacement parts or with any questions you may have on how to maintain your Turning Leg Caddy®. We have a technician who can help.

If you’ve had your TLC® for a year or more and have not done so already, it is important to replace your wheel bolts in order to maintain your warranty and for user safety.
We thank you for your cooperation.