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”When my scooter arrived in South Australia, I was like a kid on Christmas morning! For the first time in 6 years, I had “walked” from one end of my flat to the other!! I really thank the company for the support and the interest.”

- Karen B.

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Just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing the Turning Leg Caddy® was following my recent foot surgery --- so much easier than struggling with crutches! I was able to quickly resume activities inside and outside our home that I otherwise would not have been able to if I had crutches. Even after I was able to start putting some weight on my foot, I still found it handy to use the Turning Leg Caddy® to rest my foot up on & keep it elevated while I was seated.  Thanks for making it so easy, convenient and pleasant to rent the Turning Leg Caddy®.


Sidney Z.

The knee scooter is a great help.  I have really put this to the test, through some workouts and it is holding up amazingly well.  I put the handlebars down and throw it in the backseat of my car, use it at work, the grocery store, the doctor's office, friends' houses, down the driveway to the trash can and mailbox, in restaurants, through the mall, and shopping.  At home I use the Turning Leg Caddy® while washing dishes, doing laundry, I even scoot right in the bathroom with it. 

Thank you, this has been a great help for me.


Ramona R., Washington

My TLC arrived on a day when I had a wound care appointment.  They were paving our street so I had to use it over almost two blocks of semi rough sidewalk with a slight hill to get to where my car was parked. I found it much easier to use than the other knee walkers.

I have a history of diabetes and my doctor considers surgery to be a last resort since he feels it would most likely lead to amputation.  Initial treatment included off-loading.  I finally found the Turning Leg Caddy which is a great improvement over the other walkers.  I will probably have to use this product the rest of my life and I feel that the TLC is the best option out there.

Bob B., Utah

After having surgery, I left the hospital with the Turning Leg Caddy and surgery did not slow me down at all.  In fact, I recuperated so much faster than I or my doctor expected because I was able to be really totally non-weight bearing.  I was able to take the ferry to visit my son, I went on regular walks, I went on vacation and took the Amtrac and I took a plane, all without difficulty.  I was able to continue working at my job.  I could move around the office and I did not miss even 1 day of work.  I was able to perform every daily activity since I could use the TLC in confined spaces.  I was so pleased that I did not need any special help or attention from my family, or coworkers since I was able to get around on my own.  The TLC made all the difference. It was the perfect solution. It is an absolutely amazing innovation.


Sharon P., Washington

The Turning Leg Caddy® has been a real life saver. I never would have thought I ever would have ever needed one. It has assisted me in becoming more mobile since my injury and swelling of my foot and less depended on crutches, which have been a real nuisance. Your Turning Leg Caddy® attracts a lot of attention when I am out and about. There have been quite a few people that wished they had the usage of one when they had a similar injury. I have had personal experience with the leg scooter and have found it be very stable, rugged and well built. I would highly recommend the Turning Leg Caddy® to any individual that had an ankle injury needing ambulatory assistance.


Bob H.


My TLC came TODAY! Wow, you wouldn’t believe how thrilled I am! I feel like I’ve been let out of prison! Everybody in my office had a turn riding the scooter. I took it today for my doctor appointment, and you should have seen all the heads turn at the hospital! “Would you look at THAT,” they said! “I’ve never seen anything like it!” Usually people in London are extremely reserved and pay absolutely no attention to people going by. But they all had their heads turned with their tongues hanging out today!

Thank you, THANK YOU for acting so very quickly. You’ve given me my life back!

Mary G., London, England


I am, or was, a young, healthy, very athletic person into many sports and various activities until November of 2006, when I awoke to find that I couldn’t move my left lower leg or foot and that began my journey to end up with a TLC.  I have a very rare condition that over time left my foot very deformed and my total leg virtually useless.  
I was able to again regain some of the use of my knee and thigh but nothing below the knee.  At that point there was nothing more that could be offered to me and it was time to make a decision. That was either amputate the leg below the knee or find a doctor who might be able to restore the deformed foot to a more normal shape so at some point with a brace I might be able to walk again.  Well I was not at all ready for amputation and I searched the country over for someone capable to do the extensive repair. That search led me to Seattle and to the Foot And Ankle Institute with Dr. Sigvard Hanson.  It was there that I found my solution and it was there that I first seen the TLC scooter in his rehab department as well as patients using them! I being the energetic kind thought that they looked like a whole bunch of fun!!
A short while later Dr. Hanson repaired my foot and although I will always be paralyzed it sure is nice to see a normal looking foot!!! After surgery I ordered my TLC. As I slowly recovered I started to get out and use my scooter. I have to tell you what a JOY!! For the first time to get around without crutches! It was slow at first, because my leg was so weak, I was careful but after a couple months of getting around with my scooter I became stronger, started to get more and more energy! To my amazement and to my doctor’s a side effect benefit of the scooter was that I started to get all my strength back in my upper leg and knee. I now am almost back to where I was. I now feel like my old self! Full of energy and strength able to be the person I was again.
 When I am out with my scooter people are just amazed at what I can do and that with it I am totally independent. I can shop like everyone else (I’ll grab a basket in one hand and steer it and my scooter with the other!!), I get around all day without tiring out and if I do I always have a soft spot to sit on my scooter!! I can’t say enough good things about my scooter and I tell anyone who asks that this is the best thing ever!! I never tire of all the people I run into who want to ask me questions about what it is. They are always amazed when they see me zip around like I do. So often people don’t even realize that I am on a special scooter because of my leg they think I’m someone just zipping about on a regular scooter. I never tire of the looks on people’s faces!! Thank You so much for such a great product that gives people like me the opportunity to be mobile again!!!

Randy C - Oregon

I have to tell you not a day went by that someone didn't comment on the fact that they had never seen a crutch like this.

I used it continuously for five weeks, and found there was very little I couldn't do.  I found it quite easy to ascend and descend stairs as long as there was a hand rail.  I even managed to use the weed eater and edge my lawn, although that was a bit laborious.  Now that I am allowed to put weight on my ankle I only use one standard crutch, which in many instances I find restrictive because I can't use both hands.

Overall I am extremely pleased that I located this product in my time of need.  It allowed me to return to work with no loss of function in my office environment, and very little at home.  I preferred it to the thought of getting a knee caddy because I would have been limited to the use of an elevator in buildings over one story and I would have had to deal with it getting in and out of the car.  And from a macho standpoint....I didn't feel like an invalid.

Many thanks.

Don D. - Florida

I had to go to my local ER again last evening, nothing difficult, but my primary care physician worried that my leg could have a possible blood clot, which can be fatal, so he told me to go get an ultrasound of my leg just to rule it out.  It was negative for blood clots, so I'm OK, and back home.   First of all, I called a TAXI, and went down the three steps on my house, out the walk, and got into the cab with no instability, or difficulty.


When I went into the Emergency Room the TLC was a celebrity, as no one had seen one before at Peconic Bay Medical Center, and the doctors even came in to ask about the TLC, and were astonished at how well it served me and my disability.   I should add that a few people in the waiting room wrote down the RAMMTLC and explained they had relatives who were similarly handicapped who would want one.  I was on the crutches last time I was here and moved slowly, and with great difficulty and trepidation, now when I went from the triage area into the treatment room I was waiting for the nurse to catch up, something even she remarked about for it being a first for patients with non-weight bearing leg injury.


Feel free to use my messages in your site.  I promise that it is all factual, and no exaggeration.  I no longer dread the next months of living with this injury, as I did when movement was limited, make that severely limited to the crutches.


I know I paid you for the TLC, but it hardly seems adequate, I owe you and its inventor a great Thank You because the more I use it the more I realize how much I can still do for myself without constant dependence on a care giver for assistance.


Thanks Again,



Ed B

Dear Turning Leg Caddy

You are the bestest thing ever.

My co-workers love how I zip around the office and keep teasing me that I should be pictured with Colin Powell on your Website.

In the attached photo I have my briefcasy, purse, a second bag and a garment bag all loaded up with the Caddy.

Thank for helping me get around!



Thank you!

Amy - AZ